German Forest Defense: Reoccupation on April 26 & Final Straw Radio Show

Call up for the Reoccupation of the Hambach Forest on April 26

“After the evic­tion of the third oc­cupa­ti­on in the Ham­bach Fo­rest near Köln, which took place on March 27th after ne­ar­ly 7 months…We had to suf­fer mas­si­ve Re­pres­si­on, es­pe­ci­al­ly the last time: the raid on the mea­dow oc­cupa­ti­on and two other pro­jects, con­fis­ca­ti­on of all our elec­tro­nic de­vices as well as pri­va­te stuff and scripts. This pro­ves one thing: Our di­rect pro­test against the ex­ploi­ta­ti­on and the de­struc­tion of na­tu­re by RWE is ef­fec­tive. We will show that we‘re not af­raid and we will not give up!”
You can find flyer and pos­ter for self-​print here.

radio program – the final straw

An one hour In­ter­view about the Ham­bach Fo­rest and the pro­test in the Rhein­land against brown coak ari­sed in the United Sta­tes on the last sun­day. It deals with ba­si­cal­ly in­for­ma­ti­ons as well as with cur­rent stuff – as ex­amp­le the raid and the evic­tion of the fo­rest oc­cupa­ti­on.

The an­ar­chist radio pro­gram „The Final Straw“ from As­he­vil­le/North Ca­ro­li­na has via pod­cast a very large cur­ren­cy in the scene and shows weekly local and in­ter­na­tio­nal pro­tests and mo­ve­ments.

You can hear the stuff there:

Im­port or Down­load:




The pro­gramm is broad­cas­ted fre­quent­ly by the ZAD radio.

Love & An­ar­chy!

Oc­cupa­ti­on Num­ber 4!

As an­noun­ced be­fo­re, there will be a Re-​oc­cupa­ti­on at Day X+4 (the sa­tur­day 4 weeks after the evic­tion).

And: The 26th of April isn‘t just a day like ano­ther. Ex­act­ly 28 years ago from this day, the nu­cle­ar ca­ta­stro­phe in Tscher­no­byl took place. We can­not se­pe­ra­te the strugg­les against Coal and Nu­cle­ar Power. It’s not en­ough to shut down nu­cle­ar power plants and ma­king en­er­gy by burrning coal; as well it’s not ac­cep­ta­ble to stop mi­ning and burning coal and then crea­te en­er­gy by nu­cle­ar power.

It’s a com­mon re­sis­tan­ce against the de­struc­tion of na­tu­re and the on­go­ing grow­th wi­thout ques­tio­ning the re­sults. It’s a cri­ti­cism of ca­pi­ta­list thin­king, which just di­vi­des in re­sour­ces and ca­pi­tal.
We can­not wait until the next big ca­ta­stro­phe opens the eyes of peop­le.

So­me­thing has to chan­ge NOW!

So we will reoc­cu­py the Ham­bach For­rest on April the 26th, mas­si­ve and de­ter­mined!  At this day, a de­mons­tra­ti­on will start at 2 pm at the train sta­ti­on in Buir.

If you are mo­ti­va­ted to take part in the or­ga­niza­t­i­on, you can visit the “Build Re­sis­tan­ce Skill Sharing Camp”, which takes place from 12th to 25th April on the oc­cup­ied mea­dow. There will take place an open or­ga­niza­t­i­on mee­ting for the day of the Reoc­cupa­ti­on on Sun­day, 13th April, at 12am.

You can par­ti­ci­pa­te as sin­gle per­sons or af­fi­ni­ty groups in many dif­fe­rent ways: Spread the word, help with the or­ga­niza­t­i­on, oc­cu­py the trees or sup­port on the ground.  Your so­li­da­ri­ty is stron­ger than all re­pres­si­on!

For more in­for­ma­ti­on write to hambacherforst@​riseup.​net, or fol­low our blog: hambacherforst.​blogsport.​de.

To­ge­ther, we stop RWE and the open cast pit!
Re­spect Exis­tence or Ex­pect Re­sis­tan­ce!

See you on April 26th!

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BP confirms tar sands spill into Lake Michigan from Whiting refinery

Originally posted on Climate Connections:

By Michael Hawthorne, March 25, 2014. Source: Chicago Tribune
Photo: E. Jason Wambsgans, Chicago Tribune

Photo: E. Jason Wambsgans, Chicago Tribune

Less than a year after BP started up a new unit to process Canadian tar sands at its Whiting refinery, the company reported today that a malfunction allowed a slug of crude oil into Lake Michigan a few miles away from the Chicago city limits.

It remains unclear how much oil spilled into the lake or how long the discharge continued. Workers at the refinery reported an oil sheen on the water about 4:30 p.m. Monday, and an official from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency said the leak was plugged by the time he arrived at 9 p.m.

Mike Beslow, the EPA’s emergency response coordinator, said there appeared to be no negative effects on Lake Michigan, the source of drinking water for 7 million people in Chicago and the suburbs. The 68th Street water intake…

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Duke Still Dumping Coal Ash; Rally Monday

As if the coal ash spill wasn’t enough in Eden wasn’t enough, The Waterkeeper Alliance documents as Duke Energy purposefully pumps coal ash into the Cape Fear during “routine maintenance.”

Watch The Video With Rachel Maddow Here:

Rally Tomorrow March 31st:

**Important Announcement! The Moral Monday Town Hall has been rescheduled to March 31st due to bad weather predictions. Please spread the word.**

Monday, March 31, 2014 – 6:00 pm
United in Christ Ministries Church
211 N. Oakland Ave. Eden, NC 27288

RSVP on the Facebook event.

The NC NAACP and the Forward Together Moral Movement will join with health and environmental experts to discuss the dangerous consequences of the Dan River spill and of coal ash ponds on our economy, environment, and health.


Updates About Jailed MSEF Activists!

Originally posted on Marcellus Shale Earth First!:


All 5 of our brave friends are in goods spirits!  They where arrested Thursday during the lock down to block one of Anadarko’s drill sites on state land,   At this time, they are all content to stay in jail and not be bonded out.  This Weds they have their first court date and will be hoping for a bail reduction of their ridiculously high bails ($57,500 total!) for a non-violent protest.  We will be attempting to visit everyone this week at Lycoming County Prison in Williamsport, PA.  Their first court date is this Weds and we will be able to give more updates on their legal situation then.

In the mean time, please donate to their legal fund at

If you want to send any messages of support to John Nicholson, Zora Gussow, Sierra Moy, or our other 2 friends (who wish to not have their names publicized), please email…

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Earth First Means Social War: Becoming an Anti-Capitalist Ecological Social Force

by Liam Sionnach

Glossary of Terms

affect: 1. A material influence or alteration that produces empowerment. 2. To act upon (as a person or a person’s mind or feelings) so as to provoke a response; influence. Affective struggle changes those struggling, as well as the world around them.
effect: The power to produce external results. Her protest had no effect.
desire: A productive force; the information that circulates through bodies and produces action. We don’t have desires, we are produced through and as vessels of desire.
social war: The narrative of “class struggle” developed beyond class to include the complexities and multiplicities of all social relations. Social war is conflict within all hierarchical social relations.

* * *

This is another contribution to the ongoing discussion about evolving EF! — perhaps beginning again, from a different angle.

* * *

I intend to present a modest argument in favor of an Other Earth First!. What has made EF! powerful is not a particular ideology but rather a network structure based on affinity and, in most cases, cultural codes, rituals and customs. It follows that evolving EF! will continue to stand on and operate within that infrastructure. However, there are new maps we must examine and difficult topics that demand our immediate attention. The first and foremost is a question of we: Who are we? The second is a question of our current world or conditions: capitalism, the global ecological crisis and its social consequences. The third is a notion of possibility and uncertainty: How we will contribute to not simply defending ecosystems, but also to circumventing green capitalism and tendencies toward fascism with a green angle, and how we will usher in a total transformation of society? Continue reading

Coal Ash Protest at Governor’s Mansion Tomorrow

NC Residents to Call on Gov. McCrory and Duke Energy to Come Clean on Coal Ash

Toxic coal ash from one of Duke Energy’s 32 toxic coal ash lagoons has poisoned the Dan River. Now is the time to finally come clean. Gov. Pat McCrory’s administration should stop treating polluters as “partners” and “customers.” Duke Energy must clean up the Dan River and all of its toxic coal ash lagoons — at no cost to taxpayers or electricity ratepayers. McCrory must protect our water supplies. Gov. McCrory must also come clean on his own personal financial ties to Duke Energy by disclosing the value of his Duke Energy stock. Learn more [ ] about McCrory’s conflict of interest. Concerned North Carolina citizens will rally tomorrow in front of the Governor’s Mansion in favor of clean water and clean government. Wear blue if possible! Who: NC WARN, Greenpeace, ProgressNC Action, Action NC, Clean Water NC, North Carolina Students for Climate Action, the Rogers-Eubanks Neighborhood Association, and a coalition of concerned environmental, social justice and good government activists [ ]

What: Protest, rally and press conference When: Wednesday, March 5 Rally at 4:45 pm Press conference at 5pm Where: Across the street from the Governor’s Mansion 200 N. Blount St. Raleigh, NC 27601 For more information: Nick Wood — [ ] or 919-616-0889

Seminole Tribe leads protest walk against gas-fired power plant

Originally posted on Climate Connections:

By Eileen Soler, February 25, 2014. Source: The Seminole Tribune
The West County Energy Center hard fought by Everglades Earth First! from 2006-2008. It is said that the proposed Hendry County Energy center is to be a carbon copy of this plant.  Photo: Earth First! Newswire

The West County Energy Center hard fought by Everglades Earth First! from 2006-2008. It is said that the proposed Hendry County Energy center is to be a carbon copy of this plant. Photo: Earth First! Newswire

BIG CYPRESS — Plans are in the works for Tribal members, environmental activists and all friends of nature to let their feet do the talking against a massive Florida Power & Light (FPL) plant that could be built on property a stone’s throw from the Big Cypress Reservation.

Carrying banners, more than 200 who oppose the plant will begin walking April 17 from Big Cypress Reservation to the seat of Hendry County government, the LaBelle Courthouse Complex at 25 E. Hickpoochee Ave.

Demonstrators hope to bring widespread attention and support for the Seminole Tribe v. Hendry County case set to be heard at the…

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Donate to BREDL’s Anti-fracking Billboard Fund

February 24, 2014

  UPDATE the cost of the BB for 2 months space &  plus the vinyl and work putting it up the grand total is $1200 . Every Dollar donated goes to the sign , 100% . Donate to BREDL online here.


We need your help with our Billboard Fund .Lee Co NC say No to fracking ,  Cumnock Preservation Association are the Lee Co branch just one of many branches in NC working with . Continue reading

Tell Wildlife Resources Commission to Stop Wolf Killings!


Contact NC Wildlife Resources Commission and tell them to ban hunting for coyotes in Red Wolf Territory, especially at night-time when they cannot be distinguished from endangered red wolves!

Block e-mail:,,,,

Director’s phone: 919-707-0151, Gordon Myers

Fewer than 100 red wolves remain in the wild. And if we don’t act soon they will continue to be shot and killed.

In the past year alone, 14 red wolves have met untimely deaths in the North Carolina woodlands where they are making their last stand. The most recent victim – a radio-collared wolf found shot to death only last month – is the seventh to die from bullet wounds.

And the bloodshed could escalate dramatically if North Carolina state officials continue to permit hunting for coyotes in red wolves’ tiny habitat – including hunting with spotlights at night. Smaller than gray wolves, these wolves are barely larger than coyotes, and share coyotes’ coloring.

It’s hard to distinguish between a coyote and a red wolf under ideal conditions. At night, it’s all but impossible.

Defenders’ legal team is fighting to stop coyote hunting in red wolf territory. A legal ruling is expected in the coming months.  Read the North Carolina lawsuit here. Continue reading

Interview with Rod Coronado on Indigenous Resistance and Animal Liberation



from Profane Existence

This interview was conducted over email by Comrade Black. Information on upcoming tour dates can be found at the end of the interview.

PE:  For those unfamiliar with your past, could you introduce yourself?

YES SIR, INMATE #03895-000…oh wait, sorry, old habits…

Hi my name is rod and I’m from the desert southwest, but live in the great lakes bioregion now. I’ve spent my life fighting for the earth and animals and have just finished a 5 year period of federal supervision that prevented me from being involved in environmentalism or animal issues. I’ve spent a total of 6 years in prison for actions related to the protection of animals, and am now moving forward in my life with new strategies and tactics, that are both effective and legal. Though I walked a controversial and radical path, I no longer advocate illegal activity. That’s a personal decision that I made before with very intense personal consequences, so I’m not doing that anymore. I’m doing what a lot of people are doing now, and that’s struggling to find a way to help stop some horribly violent federal and state policies that currently are allowing for the killing of wolves and other wildlife.

PE: What have you been doing these last 7 years while on probation? Other than helping wolves, what else are you doing these days with your life?

180px-RodCoronadoTrying like hell to stay out of prison. When you’ve made a mark for yourself like I have in the law enforcement community, it gets real easy to get back into trouble. So I did what I had to do, I severed allcontacts with the activist world, didn’t email, phone, write or do any social media with anyone with an activist past history and just worked my job at a brewery where I’m a server. I also was a big part of my children’s lives. I wasn’t in prison. I was a present father, raising children, teaching them to love life and nature. Loving life myself. I went kayaking when I could. We played in lakes and rivers, camped. I did what Geronimo and others like him had to do when they were forced to surrender and live on the rez. I will still be a father, but now ts time to stand up for the wild once again. Continue reading